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“We review your website to provide a personalized report outlining any problems we see and ideas for improvement.”

I’ve recently launched a new service called Better Website Report. The purpose is to provide honest no-nonsense feedback on all aspects of a website. The recommendations and issues discovered are written up in an actionable report. This idea was born out of being tasked with both quality control reviews, and reviewing the websites of new clients looking for a redesign. I would spend time looking over a website in detail and providing a list of issues or elements that didn’t work or should be improved. I found that many businesses had left many parts of their website in a state of disrepair, that could be making it hard to use, find, or understand.

There are dozens of questions a web professional might ask when reviewing a website. For example: Does the site need a redesign or can it be salvaged with some updates? How does it compare to current design trends and standards? Am I unable to easily find out where your business is located or what it actually does? Is it displaying correctly on mobile devices and tablets? Are there errors or things that just look wrong? How is the load speed? What about search engine optimization and content? How is the usability of the various interactive elements? 

This report could be geared towards someone who is managing a website (perhaps new to the job, with many other responsibilities and no web developers / designers on staff). Or perhaps someone shopping around for a possible redesign or facelift for the site, who needs an initial plan. Or someone who just wants to make sure there’s nothing wrong on their site.

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