Colorbox Theme Pack Released – 12 Themes / Skins

Colorbox Themes Skins

When I couldn’t find any themes for the popular Colorbox jQuery lightbox, I decided to create a handful of them. This pack includes 12 themes for Colorbox by Jack Moore. The themes are contained in folders, similar to the example1, example2, etc that come with the script. Each theme has a colorbox.css file, sometimes images, and […]

Hot Sauce Review Site In the Works

A few months ago, I went online in search of a new hot sauce. I'd tasted a few habanero-based sauces here and there, and was looking to start a collection of my own with something more intriguing; with a richer flavor and some intense heat. I found a helpful blog or two, and some storefronts, but was surprised at the lack of a modern hot sauce-related site; somewhere where I could find a new interesting sauce. Why wasn't there a site like I see the same passion from a lot of people. The addicts even call themselves chiliheads. So, I decided to create a user review site for hot sauces...

Expandable Maximum List Items jQuery Plugin: Hide after X number of bullet points

This jQuery script will automatically hide all excess list items past a maximum number. It then dynamically adds an expand/collapse link that uses the slideToggle effect. Each list item is collapsed in succession to give the appearance of using slideToggle on a container. The max number, speed of animation, and expand/collapse HTML can be passed as options.