Development Approach

The act of developing and coding a website is about more than creating an invisible underlying structure. It involves creating an experience for the visitor; usable and animated interfaces that work on various devices. It’s about creating a tool for the site’s owner or administrator, to achieve their goals. And it is about finding the best way to convey information effectively.

I take pride in what I create, and am motivated by a lifelong love of learning. There are hundreds of ways to accomplish the same layouts and visuals, some more effective and future-proof than others.

As in any trade, a continued practice and experience leads to the ability to make the better decisions. And creatively, one has more to pull from. I strive for a level of craftsmanship in what I do. I’m always looking for ways to improve upon the details and for more elegant ways to do the things I already do.

In the website and app development fields, technologies and standards are constantly changing and improving, and it is a necessity to keep current.

In the work I do, I aim for:

  1. Reliability
  2. Quality of work, while respecting deadlines and budgets
  3. Honestly in communication and recommendations for what is best for your website or app & your business


My professional experience in web development includes one year at a start-up, 5 years at a web design studio, a few years of running my own full-time freelance business, and 3 years at another web agency where I became Tech Lead. As of June 2022, I am working full-time at an awesome company called Sparkbox.

On the side, I’ve been writing tutorials and sharing scripts on my blog to hone my skills and for the benefit of others in the field.

As of June 2022, I am not accepting freelance work.

— Joshua Winn