Desktop, Tablet, and Phone

Responsive Development for Every Size Device

Creating fluid websites so they look and act just as beautifully on your desktop as on your tablet and smartphone. As the web is being viewed through an increasing number of devices, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have websites that are usable at different resolutions.

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Rock-Solid WordPress Themes & CMS Integration

I’ve built dozens of sites with WordPress as a CMS, and make sure that the client can edit as much as possible in their custom theme without requiring HTML. This is done through theme options, the customizer, custom fields, widgets, WordPress menus, plugins, shortcodes, etc.

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Quality Front-End HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Having organized and fully commented code is important to keep on-going edits to your website under control, without confusion, slow load times, or code-soup. Every day a web developer has to work towards staying up to date with the latest standards and techniques.

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Making sites with content that is easy to maintain, and code that holds up over time.

The act of developing and coding a website is about more than creating an invisible underlying structure. It’s creating an experience for the visitor. A tool for the site’s owner. And a way of conveying information effectively.

Often it’s part of a business, and should be built with SEO in mind. A site should be editable without jumping through hoops or knowing HTML.

I take pride in what I create and strive for a level of craftsmanship in what I do. I focus on quality and accessibility, while also meeting budgets and deadlines. Typically I work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React, and WordPress.

Full-Stack Web Developer

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