Unity Tip for Mono Develop – How to Comment your Functions & Parameters (with XML)

Unity Function Comments with XML

The way in which I was writing comments for my functions was consistent, but entirely in my own style. I knew there must be a better way of creating this documentation using a more standard coding convention. Indeed there is. Using triple slashes and the format for XML comments, your explanation will be viewable when you using […]

Inspiring Game Design Talks Round-Up

Designing a video game is hard, and usually it takes a long time. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to help form new ideas or to motivate yourself. Maybe you're working on a game right now, and are trying to make it more ... immersive, fun, rewarding, joyful, etc. I've been searching the web to find game design talks, audio and video, that are freely available, and have found them to be pretty scattered and harder to find than I would have thought, so I decided to do a round-up to help spark the creative pathways.

A Bare Bones, Simple Unity Player Controller (Top Down, C#)

I'm working on prototyping a top-down game and wanted to start off with a bare-bones/boilerplate player controller. I found one on the forum that got me up and running quickly, but it had a little extra code and was not using Input.GetAxis or Input.GetButton. It's recommended to use these rather than Input.GetKey, because it can also apply to game controllers or other input devices. Then you can set the keys in an options screen. I'm planning on testing with an Xbox controller, so I wanted to start it off properly.

Sidescrolling and Top-down Camera Views with Unrealscript (Unreal 2.x / UE2Runtime)

This tutorial will show you how to change the default unreal camera into a fixed scrolling camera for a single player game. It can be changed for side-scrolling, top down, or any angle in-between. I will assume that you know the basics of unrealscript, such as how to compile your code, and how variables work. This is for Unreal 2.x / UNE2Runtime.