Your Website’s Structure & Styling: HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS

I’m a programmer who also takes into account the importance of usability and design. My core skills are in developing the HTML that webpages are made of, and the CSS that styles and arranges it. Plus the JavaScript that makes it do neat things.The sites I currently develop are using HTML5 and CSS3. Some have been in Bootstrap, Foundation, or from scratch with HTML5Boilerplate. I’ve started using SASS / Sassy CSS, which makes CSS coding more streamlined (it’s hard to go back to vanilla CSS).

Typically all sites I create now are responsive; meaning, they fluidly adapt to the various screen sizes that are now accessing the web. More about responsive development.

Functionality and Interaction: jQuery and JavaScript

Do you want to add some fancy effects and AJAX using JavaScript and jQuery? I can implement existing scripts or plugins into your site, modify them, or create new ones that meet your needs.  Most sites nowadays rely heavily on JavaScript programming to handle animation effects, interaction, responsive changes, and more. Some things that JavaScript is used for includes image sliders, fancy dropdowns, accordions, expand and collapse, overlays/lightboxes, parallax effects, animations, and more. Sometimes there are plugins available (e.g. image sliders) that need to be integrated and customized to fit the project.

PHP Programming, Plugins

I’m well-versed in the use of PHP, and PHP frameworks. I’ve worked heavily on a few sites using CodeIgniter, and Yii.  I can integrate existing MySQL database information, add new tables, create a feature or function, etc. For any new application, I would likely start with the Laravel framework, as it currently appears to be regarded as the best. In WordPress development it’s required to do a bit of custom PHP work, and it’s sometimes necessary to create custom plugins (or fix/replace a broken one).