WordPress & Editing Your Own Content

WordPress is one of the best content management systems around. It’s open source, is constantly being improved, has thousands of plugins available (of varying degrees of quality), and has many options available to the theme developer. And it’s pretty easy to use. With such a vibrant community, most features that you can think of are available as plugins. With an open platform, your content is freely accessible, and not tied down to a proprietary or out-dated system.

Developing / programming custom WordPress themes has become my forte in the last few years, as I’ve used it to power dozens of websites. My own site is powered by WordPress. For most new sites that do no require custom programming and e-commerce, I will default to using WordPress. While I am building a theme, foremost in my mind is whether the content and layouts I am creating can be updated by the client. This means creating custom fields, WP menus, theme options, and more.


I can also customize WordPress sites that are using WooCommerce as their shopping cart. Whether your theme needs to support it, or custom code or plugins are needed to accommodate your unique business requirements. It’s the e-commerce solution that I currently am working with and recommend. Setting up a WordPress theme so that it supports WooCommerce entails customizing the templates/layouts and styles (CSS) for the product listing, product detail, categories, shopping cart, and more. It’s also very common for sites to need template and functionality updates to maintain compatibility with the newest versions of WooCommerce. My work with WooCommerce has been at more than a surface level in the last few years; I’ve written custom importers and plugins that make use of WooCommerce’s classes and methods, and have even had to delve into the WooCommerce source code to figure out some advanced functionality.

Other Content Management Systems

I’ve worked with other content management systems including Shopify, ExpressionEngine, Unify, Wagtail, and ones that were custom-built. I’ve worked with sites whose content is mostly editable through view files in a PHP framework (such as CodeIgniter). I do not work with Joomla. Contact me if you have a different CMS that you need help with, and I will see if I can help.