Remove Spam Comments from an Old WordPress Blog

Recently I had to transfer all the blog posts from an old 2.4 version of WordPress, to a new 3.0 install. After I exported the content (via Tools > Export), and tried to import it into the new blog, the importer froze up and never completed. I was surprised to notice that the XML file was 50MB. Opening up the file in Notepad++ revealed that this was all spam. Apparently the blogs spam comments had never been deleted and there were over 10,000 spam comments!

Expandable Maximum List Items jQuery Plugin: Hide after X number of bullet points

This jQuery script will automatically hide all excess list items past a maximum number. It then dynamically adds an expand/collapse link that uses the slideToggle effect. Each list item is collapsed in succession to give the appearance of using slideToggle on a container. The max number, speed of animation, and expand/collapse HTML can be passed as options.