Better Website Report - Review Service / Feedback / Suggestions

Better Website Report

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Better Website Report is a service for people who want honest feedback and suggestions for their website, from web development professionals.

Whether looking to make a list of needed improvements, shopping for a redesign, or trying to find any problems that have been missed, we write up a personalized report outlining what needs work. The report is a general look at many categories, including design, functionality, messaging, SEO, and code issues.

On the technical side, it’s built in WordPress, allowing the content to be modified through pages and custom fields. The initial layout was done in Bootstrap, which was helpful in initial prototyping and revisions. Payment is taken through Stripe (external processing) using a paid plugin to help manage the task. Orders are stored using some custom PHP programming that hooks into when a successful payment occurs.

The site was designed by Daniel Day.

Desktop and Mobile Layouts

Better Website Report - Screenshot - Desktop and Mobile

Project Year: 2016

Project Details:

  • WordPress as a CMS
  • Plugin w/ Stripe payment
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Responsive design