If you have some PHP numbers you need to work with, creating a percentage bar is incredibly simple. Calculate the percentage, and then set a width on a DIV that can then be styled.

Get the Percentage in PHP and Making the Bar

The easiest way to calculate a percentage is to divide the given amount by the total amount, and then multiply by 100. For some reason, I always remember percentages as a cross multiplication. Maybe it is the visual nature of resolving them on paper that clicks. So solving for x, you get:

x / 100 = given / total
x * total = 100 * given
x = (100 * given) / total.

First, the total number ($max) and the given current number are needed ($value). In this example, I was using a maximum number of registered users and the number of users currently registered. Then the number as the width of a colored div is echo’d, nested within a grey div. I added in the scale variable in case anyone using the script wants to make it wider than 100 pixels.


// Testing numbers. Replace with your own.
$value = 40;
$max = 150;
$scale = 1.0;

// Get Percentage out of 100
if ( !empty($max) ) { $percent = ($value * 100) / $max; } 
else { $percent = 0; }

// Limit to 100 percent (if more than the max is allowed)
if ( $percent > 100 ) { $percent = 100; }



Styles the grey background and the colored bar inside it.

.percentbar { background:#CCCCCC; border:1px solid #666666; height:10px; }
.percentbar div { background: #28B8C0; height: 10px; }

The Results

Here’s what this looks like on the site I created this for. It was a little extra addition to a time-sensitive pro-bono project, and this was an easy solution.

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  1. Curmudgeon says:

    You have an error in this. In the main section, you assign a class of “bargraph” but in the CSS code, you call it “.percentbar”.

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks. Fixed.

  3. Stephen Smith says:

    I REALLY don’t understand the percent calculation method used here, but here is my completed function:

    function showprogress($decimal, $width) {
    echo ”;
    echo ‘

    It takes $dec as an already calculated percent in decimal form.

  4. VampDiva says:

    Really quick, and extremely simple. Thanks!

  5. ace300 says:

    Nice and simple. Thank you.
    You have an error in your syntax. In the second ‘div’ element, the closing ‘php’ tag is ass-about…

    <div style="width:<?php echo round($percent * $scale); ?<px;”>

    • Josh says:

      I think there may have been a WordPress formatting mistake. I’ve replaced with a GIST.

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