Using Custom Post Types for Repeated Content/Includes in WordPress

Most sites contain areas of text and HTML that are repeated throughout the site. Links in the footer, copyright information, a button or phone number in the header, or some other static content. If you're a developer working on your own site, then you may just keep this in an include file and edit the code manually. If you're using Wordpress as a CMS for a client, then it's a good idea to make these areas of text/images editable, so that they can have full control of their site.

Remove Spam Comments from an Old WordPress Blog

Recently I had to transfer all the blog posts from an old 2.4 version of WordPress, to a new 3.0 install. After I exported the content (via Tools > Export), and tried to import it into the new blog, the importer froze up and never completed. I was surprised to notice that the XML file was 50MB. Opening up the file in Notepad++ revealed that this was all spam. Apparently the blogs spam comments had never been deleted and there were over 10,000 spam comments!

Expandable Maximum List Items jQuery Plugin: Hide after X number of bullet points

This jQuery script will automatically hide all excess list items past a maximum number. It then dynamically adds an expand/collapse link that uses the slideToggle effect. Each list item is collapsed in succession to give the appearance of using slideToggle on a container. The max number, speed of animation, and expand/collapse HTML can be passed as options.

Notes from the 2010 Front-End Design Conference

On July 23rd, 2010, I attended the Front-End Design Conference; "A single day design conference focused on content, presentation and behavior". The all-female lineup spoke to a packed room at the Hilton Bayfront in St. Petersburg, FL about branding, ideas, design, CSS, and Old Spice commercials. Sarah Parmenter even flew over from across the ocean to speak about designing apps for the iPhone...

Sidescrolling and Top-down Camera Views with Unrealscript (Unreal 2.x / UE2Runtime)

This tutorial will show you how to change the default unreal camera into a fixed scrolling camera for a single player game. It can be changed for side-scrolling, top down, or any angle in-between. I will assume that you know the basics of unrealscript, such as how to compile your code, and how variables work. This is for Unreal 2.x / UNE2Runtime.